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Sandi LaGoo-Shaw, Owner

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Helpful Hints from My Workshop


If you have a piece of old furniture you love but it needs help then bring it into the shop and tell me what you need to bring it alive. If the piece is too big to bring in then give me a picture and we can discuss how to restore it.  If you need a custom piece of furniture to finish off that perfect spot in your home, lets discuss what we have or what you are thinking about.

If you are looking for custom make decorations there are many finished in the shop; however, if you have a special need let me know and we will do everything possible to meet your need.  

Come to the Store and take a look around to see if there is something you are interested in or may give you an idea for a custom order.

My mom made these amazing earrings! She hand beads them and ships them from Wisconsin. They are so beautiful and unique.

When restoring furniture for clients there are time when I run across a problem as found in Photo 1 where several critical pieces need replacing, so in this case we used a lathe to cut new pieces to fit the rocker (Photo 2).  Precision and satisfied customers are the purpose of our work.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Here I am restoring this mirror frame to its original state for a customer who wants to place it in her's little girl's room.  Passing family positions from one generation to the next is important and getting it right is important to us.

In addition to restoring furniture, I also create many of the gifts available in our store.  Some of my creations are shown here. We have so much more amazing handmade decor in the shop! Come check us out! We would love to see you! Spread the word to your friends. Have a fabulous day!

If you want a custom decor item, send me a message identifying what you want.


Upcoming Projects

If any of these projects remind you of that old antique in the attic or the chair you have always wanted to repare, lets talk.