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Gifts, Home Decor and Refurbished Furniture

Store Hours: Open

    Tue to Fri from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

    Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Sandi LaGoo-Shaw, Owner

105 McReynolds St, Suite F

Carthage, North Carolina 28394

email: loveyoumorevasshomedecor@gmail.com


  Sunday and Monday

Followers comments:

Jill Joyce

I really want those lamps!

Macy Jenkins

Look at my new mantle w/ all the stuff I picked up from you.  

Tracey Clark Gainey

I want to come! Field trip soon!

Betsy Miller

If you are looking for a unique gift! This is the place!!! Thank you Sandy!!

Charlene Marie Thompson

So pretty

Susan Skiff

My beautiful tree made by you.

Macy Jenkins

I meant to stop by yesterday I hope to get there today can't wait to see all your new stuff!

Jerrylynn Burroughs

go check her out lots of beautiful things

Keri Lynn Cameron

Can't wait to visit!

Liz Blackmore

Congratulations !!!

Sheri Barnes Delph

Congratulations, can't wait to visit

Jessie Droleski

Congratulations, Sandi can't wait to check it out when we visit


Michelle Rieper Ellerman

Great place for one of a kind home decor and gifts! I can always find that special something I'm looking for.

Carol Barany Park

Everything! Great variety of items including beautiful crafts. This will be my go-to place for gifts.

Sheri Barnes Delph

Very cute little shop in Vass, such a nice addition to our little town. Would definitely recommend to anyone who loves the ever popular “farmhouse decor” look.

Evgenia Miller

Not only you can find unique things for your house, you can also request custom decorations or consultation. I am so happy we have such a gem in our town! We love every piece we bought!

Denise Talbert Cox

Such a great little store with lots to choose from. Make sure to stop in.